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Knife Education and Safety

AKTI has helped educate the law enforcement community and the general public that knives of all shapes, sizes and mechanisms are intended as tools for a variety of essential tasks. Knives created and used by our members perform vital job, recreational and even life-saving functions.

Please see our Resources section for AKTI Approved Definitions and Knife Measuring Protocol.

We strongly emphasize the importance of using knives safely.

Teach a kid about knives as valuable tools!

Teach a kid about knives as tools!

Knife Safety Key Points

  1. Stop – make sure no one else is within arm’s reach
  2. Away – always cut away from your finger or other body parts
  3. Sharp – a sharp, clean knife is a safe knife
  4. Store – knives closed, in a sheath or knife block

My First Knife Video

Whatever your age, learn the basics on knife safety, maintenance and how to make your knife last for years to come.  Watch AKTI’s video My First Knife

Kids and Knives

  • Kids and Knives– Introducing young people to knives involves parental guidance and familiarity with the important aspects of ownership.
  • My First Knife | (PDF Version) – Tips on Safety, Use, Maintenance, Sharpening, Conservation, and Outdoor Ethics. A joint educational project of the AKTI and the Mule Deer Foundation.

Please contact us to request copies to share and be sure to including your mailing address.

Knife Safety

Other Resources

Please also see our Resources section for more information on owning, traveling with and using knives safely.

AKTI wants to provide information and materials to help you share knife education. Please contact us with any materials or references you think would be useful.