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AKTI's Role:

As a nonprofit association, AKTI’s role is to be the reasonable and responsible advocate for the knife-making and knife-using community, providing the focal point for sensible evolution, development, and the consistent enforcement of knife legislation. Knives are important tools first.

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We Need You as a Grassroots Supporter!

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Your phone calls, emails and letters to lawmakers are powerful!

Since 1998 AKTI has fought for knife rights of individual knife owners across the country. And we have won some huge legislative victories positively helping millions of knife owners in California, Florida, Arkansas, South Carolina and Texas, to name a few states.

We need you to help us continue AKTI’s amazing success story. We need you to become a “Grassroots Supporter” willing to contact lawmakers via email or letter for important committee and legislative votes.

We know lawmakers respond to emails. And because speed of response is often critical because committee hearings on a bill are scheduled quickly, we’ll communicate with you via email.

As an AKTI Grassroots Supporter, you will receive …

  1. Regular electronic updates on knife rights issues across the country.
  2. Requests, when needed, asking you to communicate with lawmakers on knife issues important to knife owners in your state and at the federal level.
  3. Emails sent to you will be clearly marked from AKTI so you can quickly spot them, route them through your spam filters, save them and act on them.

We will NOT
- bombard you with emails – nag you for contributions or – share your email address.

Thank you for subscribing as a Grassroots Supporter, you will help us fight for your knife rights and ensure that you will always be able to buy, sell, own, carry and use your knives and edged tools! While there is no fee for becoming a Grassroots Supporter, your donations to AKTI’s legislative fund are always appreciated.

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