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AKTI's Role:

As a nonprofit association, AKTI’s role is to be the reasonable and responsible advocate for the knife-making and knife-using community, providing the focal point for sensible evolution, development, and the consistent enforcement of knife legislation. Knives are important tools first.

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Encouraging Sensible Knife Legislation

and Responsible Law Enforcement

The American Knife & Tool Institute promotes a reasonable and responsible approach to legislation regarding knives and the enforcement of knife laws. We strive for clarity of law and definitions. Clear, objective legislation is the foundation to a free people. Without clarity inconsistent enforcement occurs and law-abiding citizens are subjected to unnecessary anxiety. Individuals should not have to fear the legality of valuable tools used daily in their lives. They should have not be expected to know and understand knife laws in multiple jurisdictions where they may travel for work or recreation with their knife or edged tool.

AKTI encourages knife legislation that:

For more details on AKTI’s position about knife laws, see the Expanded Introduction to our AKTI Approved Knife Definitions

AKTI Representatives D.C. Sept. 2012Inside the U.S. Capitol (Sept. 2012). Front Row (l-r): Bill Raczkowski - AKTI President (2011-2013, (Gerber), Jan Billeb - AKTI Executive Director. Back Row (l-r): CJ Buck - AKTI Legislative Chair (Buck Knives), Dan Lawson - AKTI Contributing Counsel, Rod Bremer - AKTI Vice President (2011-2013) (CRKT), Peggy Bremer (CRKT).

AKTI monitors current and pending legislation in all 50 states and on the federal level for issues that need attention and we’ll let you know when you need to Act Now! and what you need to do to support sensible knife legislation.

We need your help in contacting us about county or local issues. We have successfully changed knife laws to keep Americans from being considered criminals for carrying the knives they use in their everyday lives.

Recent Accomplishments

Check out AKTI News for articles and the latest information on AKTI’s efforts.

Read more about H.R. 2892 and the successful change to the Federal Switchblade Act of 1958 to keep U.S. Customs from defining nearly all folding knives as illegal switchblades and make de facto criminals of millions of knife owners.

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