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AKTI Monthly Auction

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Sorry, we seem to have sold out of everything we had!

Please bid on the AKTI fundraising knife! We feature a new knife each month. Proceeds go to support AKTI’s legislative efforts to keep knives in all our lives. Thank you!

This is an e-Bay style auction.  Please review these guidelines.

  • Your bid is the maximum you are willing to pay.  You are not placing a single bid, you are allowing the auction system to automatically bid in pre-set bid increments, but ONLY up to the maximum amount you are prepared to bid. Your maximum bid is secret and cannot be see by other buyers.  Your maximum bid is only revealed if you are outbid and no longer in the lead. So it’s the highest bid that wins – not the last bid.
  • You must place a bid that is at least $5 higher than the current bid.  The Current Bid is shown below the photo.  Above the bidding box, you’ll see the text “Enter Your Maximum Bid – Bid (an amount $5 more than current bid) or higher.”
  • Bids are accepted for a set period of time.  Most knives are featured for only one month.
  • You might pay less than your bid if you win. When you win an auction you always actually pay only a small amount more than the next highest bid-even if your bid was a lot more.
  • If your bid wins, you must buy. Your bid on an auction is a legally binding contract. When the auction ends, if your bid is the highest, you have purchased the item and must pay for it.  You can either pay by Paypal, or with a credit card online as a “Contribution.” You can also call AKTI at (307) 587-8296 to pay by credit card or get instructions regarding paying by check or money order.
  • Shipping is included.  AKTI’s generous donors include shipping direct to the winner as part of their contribution to support the organization.