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Save Our Knives!

Do You Use a Knife?

Most Americans use knives as tools in our everyday lives. We use them to cut food; slice through cords and ropes; help us with our work; make hunting, fishing and other forms of recreation safer; and much more. Knives are useful and often vital tools that make our lives easier.

Do You Know Knife Ownership is Under Attack?

Numerous laws regarding knives at the state level and in many counties, cities and municipalities affect knife owners like you. These laws restrict our rights to carry knives in public places, government buildings and schools. Some private business also enforce bans on knives.

In Europe, Australia and other countries, knife carry and ownership are prohibited or discouraged. In Scotland there is even a “No Knives Better Lives” campaign (see noknivesbetterlives.com for their philosophy).

How Can We Protect Our Knife Rights?

To ensure that Americans will always be able to buy, sell, own, carry and use knives and edged tools, the American Knife and Tool Institute serves to educate knife owners, lawmakers, law enforcement officers and the media about the importance of knives in our everyday lives.

AKTI is a respected and credible source of knife legislation information, legislative input and industry information. We work to effectively change restrictive knife laws and promote reasonable and responsible laws and enforcement. We watchdog and oppose laws that limit the choices you have.

What Can You Do?

Popular Knife Resources

You’ll find our website, AKTI.org, to be a valuable resource for knife information. Here are some of our most popular pages:

  • Finding Knife Laws.  A place to search for local, state and federal laws that apply to knives and knife owners.
  • AKTI Approved Knife Definitions. Ever wondered what criteria define a particular type of knife, or what makes one knife legal while another is not? This Knife Definitions PDF explains more about types of knives and legal definitions as well as some history on various types of knives like Bowie knives, switchblades and more.
  • Knife User Data. A PDF with most recent statistics on those who use knives.

You can find more knife education and legislation information throughout this website.